Friday, January 14, 2011

Odds & Ends

I'm not sure if there hasn't been much going on or if I'm just too tired for writing, but all I've manged to do this week is scrape together a post with a few random little stories:

  • Last winter, Buster had pneumonia in November and then was sick every other week until July. This year, Buddy seems to be on the every other week sickness plan. Since Thanksgiving he's had the stomach flu, a high fever virus & an inner ear infection. The current infliction of the week is a nasty cold & cough. Buddy's limited understanding of germs and illness has led him to believe that in order to get rid of germs, he needs to give them to someone else. He keeps blowing air at me and asking if now I'm the sick one. At least I think that's why he's doing it...or it could just be his way of getting revenge because I refuse to answer him when he speaks in a baby voice.
  • As many children do, my boys love to be freed from the constrictive restraints of their clothing. Potty training has made me less inclined to put pants on them, so most days they spend running around the house in various states of undress. Other than worrying that one of them will decide to take their pants off in the middle of school, it doesn't really bother me. This is the only time in their lives they'll feel comfortable running around shirtless without thinking about what their stomachs look like, so why not make the most of it?
  • Buster just went through a big "Why?" phase. "Why is this a cat?", "Why do we need clocks?", "Why is rain wet?", why, why, why, why, why....Recently, the whys have tapered off. Just as I was about to let out a big sigh of relief, he moved onto a different phase. Now everything is "How do we make chairs?", "How do we make tvs?", "How do we make chickens?"...
  • I started something new this week - the afternoon bath. That post-nap, pre-dinner time of day is always our worst, especially in the winter when there's not many places to go. The bath is the perfect solution. It allows non-napper Buddy to sit quietly with a bucket and champion sleeper Buster to rambunctiously swim back and forth like the little energizer bunny he is. Yesterday they stayed in there for an hour and ten minutes and today they lasted nearly an hour. And here's the best part, I get to sit on the edge of the tub with my Nook. I spent the afternoon reading today!


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry he has been sick for so long--that's cute that he thinks that he has to "give away" his germs. Not cute that he wants to give them to you. The afternoon bath is a great idea! I like to read while my boys take a bath too. Or sometimes, I clean the bathroom!

  2. PS--my word verification was "tater". They must know I'm a southerner.

  3. awww, i hope buddy feels better soon! and quite funny about him giving away his germs ;)
    so glad you've been able to have some good me-time while the boys splash away!

  4. All that sickness sounds yucky! I hope Buddy's on the mend soon. And I love your afternoon bath plan. Great idea!

  5. Ok, how totally creative are YOU having bath time in the afternoon? I LOOOOOVE it!!! The concept of it being an activity as opposed to just part of the routine just about blew my mind. Pathetic, right?
    I was cuh-racking up over your thought that Buddy is taking revenge on you b/c you don't listen to his baby voice. As non sequitur as it seems to me, I'm sure in his little-boy mind, it totally connects. Hee hee.

  6. Wow - way too much sickness over there! YUCK.

    We use the bath as an activity sometimes too... but we never last that long! Wow!

  7. These little snippits really capture the moment your house is in. I envision really clean boys running around the house with hardly any clothes on as they call out "why"! And nice use of bath time, mama! Sorry about the sickness, I kind of fel like we are living in a germified petrie dish in my house sometimes, too.