Monday, January 3, 2011

A Decade Gone By

Over the last ten years, Chris & I have had some big moments. Each year seemed to bring with it a new, life-changing event:

2001 - The year we graduated from college

2002 - The year we got married

2003 - The year we bought our first house & started trying to have a baby

2004 - The year we spent doing fertility treatments

2005 - The year I had a miscarriage

2006 - The year we decided to adopt

2007 - The year we adopted Buddy & became parents

2008 - The year we adopted Buster & became a family of four

2009 - The year we bought our second house

2010 wasn't really "the year" of anything. For the first time in a decade, there wasn't one life altering event, either good or bad, that consumed me and defined the year.

We've spent the last ten years working toward the life and the family we have now. Its wonderful, after a decade of change and turmoil, to realize we're finally where we want to be.

For us, the last ten years have been defined by the big moments. I hope the next ten are defined by the small ones, the birthdays and vacations and other typical milestones of family life we've worked so hard to enjoy.


  1. I love this look back. I am looking forward to the same kinds of small moments and memories that you are in the coming years! Congratulations on a beautiful decade together!

  2. I'm with the other Elizabeth - I love this look at the big things that have happened in your life to shape your life. But I love even more that you're eagerly anticipating the little things that will add to your life's perfection during the next decade.

  3. The last ten years have definitely been eventful! I know what you mean about just wanting to enjoy the everyday, simple milestones. I hope you get to do just that!

  4. This is a great reflection. You are right, the small things can define, too.

  5. really beautiful reflection. I can't wait to define my years in terms of the little celebrations.

  6. I think 2011 will be my uneventful year. It's kind of strange to not have anything big happen....