Meet the Family

  • I'm Kristen, a 30-something mom who quit a soul-sucking desk job to stay at home with my sons.  I miss coffee breaks, high heels and adult conversation, but not the part of my job that actually entailed working.  I now spend my days shopping at superstores and searching under the couch for missing matchbox cars.  No matter how busy I am, I will always find time for reading and reality tv.  An alarming amount of my time is spent in yoga pants and I'm a mini-van away from becoming a stereotypical suburban soccer mom.
Here's a bit about the other people you'll be hearing about:

builder of pillow forts & singer of silly songs

big brother & accomplished bedtime avoider

little brother & maker of mischief

*actual name; Chris gave up his right to privacy when he willingly married a known gossip.
**not their real names; children have no say in their mom's tendency toward oversharing.